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Good News!

The choir will start weekly practices for its 2022 Christmas Concert on September 7, 2022.


In the Spring of 2022 the OCMC resumed in-person Wednesday night practices without mandatory mask wearing and will continue to do so when practices resume in the fall, pending any changes imposed by the province. Choir members are asked to refer to the member only section of the website to access details.

Joined in Song

At a time when we are forced to witness the horror of the Russian invasion of  Ukraine, we invite you to click on the picture to the right to view and listen to the Brigham Young University choirs sing Come Thou Fountain of Life in Ukrainian.

OMCS is seeking new members

as  things continue to return to a new version of normal as we move further into 2022, the OCMC Choir is looking for new members. If you enjoy singing, we invite you to join us to sing the none-auditioned TTBB part you are most comfortable with. Friendship and a worthy selection of good music awaits you.

- Prior to COVID the Choir raised $51,400 for various charities.

- The Choir recorded two Virtual songs in 2020 and one in 2021.

- In late 2022, early 2023 the Choir hopes to celebrate its 25th anniversary in song.

- Plans for a Choir tour of Italy is in the works for 2023. Members are asked to visit the member only section of the website to view more information on the planned trip.

Worthy Reading

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For more information: Please contact us at [email protected]

or click on the above Facebook or YouTube logo.Map

Tuesday, March 1,2022.  Brigham Young University  Singers had the privilege to gather with many members of the other BYU Choirs as well as other friends of Ukraine to record the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" sung in Ukrainian. (Click picture to see and listen)

The Ottawa Carleton Male Choir & Trelawny Choir of Cornwall, England sing When the Saints go Marching In and Gwahodiad (English words)

(Click on the picture to see and listen)

The Ottawa Carleton Male Choir sing Evening Prayer

(Click on picture to see and listen)