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Member List

Admiral, Christine - Accompanist

Bekkers, Bert T1 

Bekkers, Leo T1 

Blair, Lucian  B1

Blaney, Neil T2

Blewitt, Calvin T2

del Castello, Enrico B2

Cavanagh, Ben B2 

Clysdale, Don T2 

Colwell, Ted B1 

Deley, Trevor T1

Feddema, David  T1

Finestone, Beni  T2 

Fullerton, Vince B1 

Groen, Allan B2 

Guinn, John B2 

Holding, John B1 

Howes, Derek B2 

Huizenga, Henk B1 

Ircha, Mike T2 

Johnson, Graham B1 

Johnston, Dwayne T2 

Joustra, Ray T2 

Kooistra, Bill T1 

Lafferty, Bernie B2 

Macartney, Don T2 

Mann, Richard T2 

O'Donoughue, Mark B1 

O'Sullivan, Peter B2 

Peters, Albert T2 

Riley, Daniel B2

Siraco, Paolo T2 

Tefft, Don B2 

Urbancic, Aude - Choir Director

VandeSande, John B2

Watson, Denis B2 

Wissing, Paul T1

Zekveld, George B1 

Zwarts, Marienes B1 

Zytveld, Everard B2