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One Step Closer to Normal - Easing of Mask Mandate & Post Practice Refreshments

 Masks are now optional for Ottawa Carleton Male Choir Wednesday night practices.We all need to be mindful of the various comfort levels and that we are considerate of each other's choices. Please, if you are feeling under the weather, stay home.

As masks are no longer required, we are now able to have a mid practice snack. Christine has very generously offered to continue to make coffee for us and asks for help cleaning up (many hands make light work)! Please consider bringing a few dollars to help cover the cost of the refreshments.


Member Supplies

Sheet Music - This can be acquired from Dwayne Johntson. See member list for contact coordinates.

Red Bow Ties - These can be obtained from Henk Huizenga free of charge.

Caps - Either baseball or flat top style can be ordered through Henk. The price regardless of style is $20.

Music Folder Inserts. These cards showing the choir's logo can be obtained free of charge from Paul Wissing. Check the member list for contact coordinates.

Name Tags - Can be ordered from choir member Albert Peters. Contact coordinates available on the member list. The price is $10.

Sweaters and shell jackets - These can be purchased with the choir's emblem embroidered from:

The Sam Group Ltd.

111 Collonade Rd., Ottawa

(613) 727-0446